Alnico IV Classics

A Humbucker Set with unrivalled clarity and a vintage voice

Black, Zebra £35
Nickel, Gold £46

Our take on the ever popular PAF tone

Not all guitars are created equal. Some just don't have the tightness and clarity that you expect, especially with lower output pickps.

The Tonerider AC4 is a matched humbucker set that is pick sensitive, rich in harmonics and with a tight bass.

The Alnico 4 Classics Set began life as a rumour. We'd heard for years that some boutique makers were sourcing Alnico 4, and player response was great. At least one famous pickup maker claimed they couldn't tell the difference between Alnico 4 and Alnico 2.

To develop the AC4, we used a great Gibson Historic Les Paul that had the perfect maple and mahogany combination that makes specially voiced Les Paul-style guitars.

Options & Spacing

Covers: Available in black or zebra open coils, or with highly-polished gold or silver nickel covers.

Spacing: All AC-series humbuckers use 50mm spacing, as measured from the center of the low E to the centre of the high E polepieces.

Baseplate: All Tonerider humbuckers are built with medium-length 9mm baseplate legs for easy installation in a wide variety of instruments.

Alnico IV Classics Video Guides

Clean Sounds with a Fender Twin

Alnico 4 Classics - Guv'nor

Alnico 4 Classics - Mesa Dual Rec

AC4 vs Generator

Player Feedback

"The more I play these pickups, the more I find I am in PAF heaven. The neck is warm and full, but clear and round. It growls, it sings, it's clean and fat, it also dirties up perfectly. The bridge has the bite and spank you'd expect, but also the clean responsiveness you might not expect. One last tonal characteristic I'll mention is the CHUNK of the notes. Each note seems slightly compressed, especially when played clean. It's the fattest, thickest, clearest clean tone I own, and I love it. The pickups live up to the clips on their website 110%. A million thumbs up, a million thanks, a million kudos to Andrew and the whole Tonerider gang for making some wonderful pickups at the best price around."
"They are great. I have touch with the SG again. Always nice when you dig in and the pickups get gritty on a pushed amp. Looks good too. I liked them so much I put another set in my LP Trad, and dropped a set of IV's in my Ultra-III. Very nice controllable sound, and they all split very nicely."
"Are the Alnico IV Classics pick sensitive? They sure are. They clean up very well with the volume knob, too. Are they rich in harmonics? Yes, they are. There is no boominess, and practically no mud. As for the "blues guitarist or a vintage-inspired rock player" as the main target for this set, I would have to agree - the AC4s can definitely take you there." Read Tudor Gavan's full review here

Tech Specs

Alnico IV Classics Neck

Model AC4N
Magnets Alnico 4 Bar
DCR 7.5k
Inductance 4.1H
Hookup Wire 4-Conductor
Scatter High
Baseplate Nickel Silver
Year Introduced 2007

Alnico IV Classics Bridge

Model AC4B
Magnets Alnico 4 Bar
DCR 8.3k
Inductance 5.0H
Hookup Wire 4-Conductor
Scatter Medium/High
Baseplate Nickel Silver
Year Introduced 2007