Hot Classics

Nickel or Gold Neck £35
Bridge £30
Sets £64

A higher wind on Alnico III magnets makes our Hot Classics a must for the rock and blues player who wants more edge from their Telecasters. Hot Classics have a stronger midrange, thicker bass response and a raunchy upper register. The Alnico III magnets offer great note separation, even for chord work using boost and overdrive pedals. The neck pickup features a Nickel-silver cover for incredible tonal transparency (no more muddy sounds) whilst the bridge pickup mimics some of the best hot Broadcaster pickups of yesteryear. These have been our best-selling pickup sets over the last few years, and now power thousands of Telecasters around the world. A grounded full size copper plated baseplate and black string wrap adds to the tone and completes the look and feel.

All Hot Classics Telecaster bridge pickups now feature our "Modified Vintage Stagger" polepieces for improved string-to-string balance.

Options & Spacing

Covers: The neck pickup comes in a choice of two finishes: Polished Nickel (Model TRT2N-NK), and Gold (TRT2N-GD)

Hot Classics Video Guides

Hot Classics - Clean

Hot Classics - Drive

Hot Classics - Mesa Dirty

Fuzzville Demo

Player Feedback

"Hello You good people at theTonerider. I just wanted to say thank You for the best sounding telecaster pickups! This morning I got my Hot Classics set installed into my MIM Fender Esquire and I was amazed about the difference the pickup swap really made ( Fender 52' OV pickups were not bad or such, just a bit dull sounding..) and now the Esquire/Telecaster is like a different guitar. Clean or slightly overdriven sounds never, ever sounded so good!"

Tech Specs

Hot Classics Neck

Model TRT2N
Magnets Alnico 3 Rods
DCR 7.1k
Inductance 2.7H
Stagger Flat
Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
Scatter Medium

Hot Classics Bridge

Model TRT2B
Magnets Alnico 3 Rods
DCR 9.2k
Inductance 4.2H
Stagger TR Vintage Modified
Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
Scatter Medium
Baseplate Steel