Hot Classics

Nickel or Gold Neck £34.95
Bridge £29.95
Sets £63.95

A higher wind on Alnico III magnets makes our Hot Classics a must for the rock and blues player who wants more edge from their Telecasters. Hot Classics have a stronger midrange, thicker bass response and a raunchy upper register. The Alnico III magnets offer great note separation, even for chord work using boost and overdrive pedals. The neck pickup features a Nickel-silver cover for incredible tonal transparency (no more muddy sounds) whilst the bridge pickup mimics some of the best hot Broadcaster pickups of yesteryear. These have been our best-selling pickup sets over the last few years, and now power thousands of Telecasters around the world. A grounded full size copper plated baseplate and black string wrap adds to the tone and completes the look and feel.

Update: All Hot Classics Telecaster bridge pickups now feature our "Modified Vintage Stagger" polepieces for improved string-to-string balance. This includes all items delivered by Amazon UK and Amazon Germany since January 20th 2015.

Options & Spacing

Covers: The neck pickup comes in a choice of two finishes: Polished Nickel (Model TRT2N-NK), and Gold (TRT2N-GD)

Hot Classics Video Guides

Hot Classics - Clean

Hot Classics - Drive

Hot Classics - Mesa Dirty

Fuzzville Demo

Tech Specs

Hot Classics Neck

Model TRT2N
Magnets Alnico 3 Rods
DCR 7.1k
Inductance 2.7H
Stagger Flat
Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
Scatter Medium

Hot Classics Bridge

Model TRT2B
Magnets Alnico 3 Rods
DCR 9.2k
Inductance 4.2H
Stagger TR Vintage Modified
Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
Scatter Medium
Baseplate Steel