Contact & Support

For all queries concerning Tonerider pickups, please don't hesitate to contact our UK office. We are also musicians and no question is too big or too small.

Tel: +44 1227 469414


We pride ourselves on making quality products and treating our customers in the fairest way possible. All Tonerider pickups have a 5-year warranty. It is important that you retain your reciept. See the warranty card included with all our pickups for further details.

Wiring Diagrams

Humbucker Wire Colour Codes

All Tonerider humbuckers have 4-conductor hookup cable. Below is a table with the various hookup wire colour codes used by different manufacturers. If there's any confusion you can always contact us at

* Please note individual pickup wiring diagrams are now available on their respective product pages.
Manufacturer Slug Coil Screw Coil
Start Finish Finish Start
Tonerider Red Black White Green
Dimarzio Red Black White Green
Seymour Duncan Black White Red Green
Ibanez Red Black White Blue
Ibanez 2-Conductor Red (White) (White) Shield
Bare Knuckle Red White Green Black
EMG HZ Red Black White Green
Gibson Red White Green Black
Fender Green White Black Red
GFS Green White Red Black