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Messing around SQUIER Telecaster SQ neck pickup Tonerider, which been replaced temporarily, just awaiting for the best tech to rewind the old Japanese pickup.

YouTube Link:

Starting from ARF66… based on NKT275 germanium transistors manufactured in the US back in the 90’s. Built in professional premanufactured PCB setup with high quality standard components. Noiseless, Top mounted jacks and click-less switch system, true-bypass.
Please, note this is a vintage circuit that require isolated 9 Volt negative tip PSU, it won’t work in a daisy chain, or using a non isolated PSU stations, when played with other modern effects pedals. As a vintage circuit, like germanium Fuzz-Face and Tone-Bender pedals, this circuit behaves differently in front of different amplifiers or playing with different guitar pickups.

Then, Dandy Boost ARB64… based on classic original Maestro Rangemaster treble booster, with some changes according to the different revisions. A selected vintage silicon transistor family, according to specification and gain from previous experiences and prototypes.

Rhodium Electronics ARB64 offering a two ways input capacitance selector, it changes the amount of bass passing through the circuit, it behaves differently in front of different pickups and amplifiers. Only works with 9Volt battery located inside, battery isolation from the input jack connector.

Then, ARA67 Drive-Fuzz, our particular and unique version of the Astrotone Sam Ash with a variation of the transistors… Our standard ARF67 series based on Astrotone circuit with silicon 2N3566 transistors. Astrotone Sam Ash diagram data from 1967, designed with period correct and vintage specification, original Farnell diodes and ITT capacitors. Set up with original 2N3566 black top hat silicon transistors.

At the end of the video, our special ToniBender MKIV.3 Fuzz ARF72 based on Tone-Bender circuit with four number of germanium transistors, setup with original 60s Mullard OC71 transistors. Top mounted jacks. True bypass Carling switch. External PSU and battery working unit, with power isolation in the input jack.

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It’s a studio night tonight! Recording guitars for lizzymayesmusic 🤠🎸

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Now available on our website guitarshop_folkestone ...

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Yeni tel standımız, sektördeki en eski ve en iyi tel markaları ghsstrings & drstrings bir arada, atolyeyi ziyaret edecek olan arkadaşlara şiddetle tavsiye edilir.

Our new strings stand, oldest and best string brands in the industry ghsstrings & drstrings together.😎

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Happy #teletuesday folks! I can’t stop playing this tele at the moment. Anyone else in love with double bound teles?

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