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Alnico II Blues for Strat

Perfect for Blues and Jazz, this new set offers players touch-sensitive and sweet clean tones, without boomy bass notes or harsh trebles.

Neck 6.1k / Mid 6.2k / Bridge 6.8k

(6 customer reviews)

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Perfect for Blues and Jazz, this new set offers players touch-sensitive and sweet clean tones, without boomy bass notes or harsh trebles. Adding some overdrive reveals the smooth musicality and sustain that Alnico II offers. Scatterwound with single gauge AWG 42 wire.

The mid pickup is reverse wound for hum-cancelling operation in positions 2 and 4, and the set features a calibrated wind for better volume balance across all 5 positions.

Available in both right and left-handed models.


Stratocaster (Metric)

Stratocaster (Imperial)


3 Single Coils / 1 Vol / 2 Tone / 5-Way Blade

3 Single Coils / 1 Vol / 2 Tone / 5-Way Blade (Bridge Tone Mod)

Alnico II Blues NeckAlnico II Blues MiddleAlnico II Blues Bridge
MagnetAlnico 2 RodAlnico 2 RodAlnico 2 Rod
StaggerTR Vintage ModifiedTR Vintage ModifiedTR Vintage Modified
Hookup WireVintage BraidVintage BraidVintage Braid
Winding DirectionClockwiseCounter-ClockwiseClockwise
PolarityNorth Pole UpSouth Pole UpNorth Pole Up



Audio Samples


These clips were played through a custom strat into a Redplate Blackverb and recorded with a Zoom handheld recorder. Many thanks to longtime Tonerider player and supporter Jay Menon for the use of these sound clips.

6 reviews for Alnico II Blues for Strat

  1. Neil Mac

    Well, what can I say but really fantastic upgrade. Got them in my indifferent Squier and they compare so well with my Fender Strat that I am honestly thinking about getting a set for that beautiful beast as well. I have been a diehard S/Duncan fan for years but these Toneriders have an beautiful crisp and powerful presence that is gorgeous to hear and feel so sensitive when playing. I am a total convert and I am looking to convert an old MIM Strat to humbuckers from Tonerider just because I have such confidence in Toneriders product. Also the support is fantastic. I have emailed Tonerider (cheers Andrew!!) and he has always got back to me with sound and reflective advice. As you can probably guess, I am well pleased!!

  2. John Sage

    Fitted by A well known Glasgow guitar tech for a better tone quality.

  3. Paolo

    Great pickups. I tried lots of expensive sets for a partcaster project, and this was the final set. The pickup choise is a important choise for your guitar. Don’t be fooled by the costs. You have roblisten to your ears!

  4. ahmun (verified owner)

    Beautiful pickups. I was worried that these would be too hot but they are just right. Being alnico 2s it has a sweeter top end and looser bottom than alnico 5s. I was worried that they wouldn’t sound very stratty but I was dead wrong. They sound great clean and dirty and worked well in a bright ash/maple neck strat.

  5. Francois P (verified owner)

    Je viens de monter ces micros hier sur une vieille (probablement mi 70’s) stratocaster Navigator Esparto (corps frêne, manche palissandre) dont la lutherie est très bonne mais les micros me laissaient relativement indifférent, pas mauvais mais manquant de quelque chose, et puis ca faisait longtemps que je voulais essayer un truc différent, avec des aimants plus faibles en gauss, et ces alnico II me faisaient de l’oeil. Et bien, je ne suis pas déçu et même mieux que çà, je suis ravi ! ces alnico II sont tout simplement une joie à entendre et je les trouve beaucoup plus fidèles à l’idée que je me fais d’un bon son strat que les originaux, surtout en position 2/4… comment les décrire ? c’est très difficile, surtout avec si peu de recul, mais après ces quelques heures, je pense à 3 adjectifs : veloutés, articulés et aérés. Chaque note est détachée des autres et aucune ne domine, quelque soit la position de l’accord. C’est un minimum attendu mais ce n’est pas toujours le cas, ces micros neufs me donnent l’impression qu’ils ont déjà quelques heures de vol, l’attaque peut être douce mais ca réagit direct dès qu’on attaque plus fort, un vrai plaisir. J’ai fait deux types de mesure (en KOhm), à la sortie des micros directement, et via le jack une fois la guitare remontée et j’ai des mesures différentes, les voici, l’écart étant je pense tout la partie électronique. En prise directe sur les micros, sans l’électronique : B 6.90 M 6.08 N 5.9, via la sortie jack : B 6.31 M 5.82 N 5.63. En résumé, ces micros sont très bien construits, sonnent bien et velouté, valent largement des marques beaucoup plus chères, je les recommande donc sans problème

  6. Francois P (verified owner)

    In english now : I just mounted these pickups yesterday on an old (probably mid 70’s) Navigator Esparto stratocaster (ash body, rosewood neck) whose lutherie making is very good but the pickups left me relatively indifferent, not bad but missing something, and then that I’ve been wanting to try something different for a long time, with weaker gauss magnets, and these alnico IIs were catching my eye. Well, I’m not disappointed and even better than that, I’m delighted! these alnico IIs are simply a joy to hear and I find them much more faithful to my idea of ​​a good strat sound than the originals, especially in the 2/4 position… how to describe them? it’s very difficult, especially with so little hindsight, but after these few hours, I think of 3 adjectives: velvety, articulated and airy. Each note is detached from the others and none dominates, whatever the position of the chord. It’s a minimum expected but it’s not always the case, these new microphones give me the impression that they already have a few hours of flight, the attack can be soft but it reacts directly as soon as you attack more strongly, a real pleasure. I made two types of measurement (in KOhm), at the output of the microphones directly, and via the jack once the guitar is mounted and I have different measurements, here they are, the difference being I think all the electronic part . Directly connected to the microphones, without the electronics: B 6.90 M 6.08 N 5.9, via the jack output: B 6.31 M 5.82 N 5.63. In summary, these pickups are very well built, sound great and smooth, are well worth much more expensive brands, so I recommend them without hesitation

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