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Birmingham, England meet Birmingham, Alabama! This new humbucker set delivers classic British crunch and huge mids, but also splits to a killer Southern single coil sound.

Neck 7.2k / Bridge 8.7k, Alnico V


(10 customer reviews)

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New for 2020! Huge mids – meet classic crunch! The Birmingham takes the best of your favourite 70s tones and slams them into one great humbucker set. Think Angus, Jimmy, Tony and the rest!

The bridge pickup is overwound by 5% to just under 9k, giving plenty of power, a prominent midrange, all while retaining chimey, detailed highs. When split to a single coil or run in parallel, this pickup excels at single coil tones, without the massive volume drop that plague some humbuckers.

The neck pickup is underwound by 5% to just over 7k, offering great clarity, and ensuring this set has two distinct neck and bridge sounds. The neck split sound is full, round and sustains well.


Covers: Available in black or zebra open coils, or with highly-polished gold or silver nickel covers.

Neck Polepiece Spacing: 50mm spacing is standard, as measured from the center of the low E to the centre of the high E pole pieces: .

Bridge Polepiece Spacing: Black, White and Zebra Birmingham Bridge pickups are available in 50mm and 52.4mm spacings (F-spaced). Gold and Nickel covered pickups are only available in 50mm spacing.

Baseplates: All Tonerider humbuckers are built with medium-length 9mm baseplate legs for easy installation in a wide variety of instruments.


Regular-Spaced Covered Humbucker (Metric)
Regular-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Metric)
F-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Metric)

Regular-Spaced Covered Humbucker (Imperial)
Regular-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Imperial)
F-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Imperial)


2 Humbuckers / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle

2 Humbuckers / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle / Push-Pull Coil Split (Vol)

2 Humbuckers / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle / Push-Pull Coil Split (Tone)

2 Humbuckers / 2 Vol / 2 Tone / 3-Way Toggle

2 Humbuckers / 2 Vol / 2 Tone / 3-Way Toggle / Push-Pull Coil Split

Tech Specs

Birmingham Neck Birmingham Bridge
Model AC5N AC5B
Magnet Alnico 5 Bar Alnico 5 Bar
DCR 7.2k 8.7k
Inductance 4.2H 5.5H
Hookup Wire 4-Conductor 4-Conductor
Scatter Medium Medium
Baseplate Nickel Silver Nickel Silver
Year Introduced 2019 2019


10 reviews for Birmingham

  1. Bob

    very nice for blues and classic Rock.
    decent pups at a good price.

  2. Garjill (verified owner)

    Suono bellissimo! Ottima qualità! Prezzo onesto! Grazie!

  3. JJ (verified owner)

    I put these pickups in a Harley Benton Fusion T because I couldn’t dial in a good tone with the original pick ups. The Birminghams are really great, with clarity. Clean, crunch and they even make a great high gain sound.

  4. Miguel

    Very nice sound: clear and bright. I love them. Awesome pickups and price. So Happy!

  5. Dirk Kober

    I put these Pickups in a FGN DC10. The Sound is more open, brighter and crispi. More AC/DC 😉
    Perfect Pickup for this Guitar.

  6. Todd Winger

    Have a set of these in my Jackson Soloist. Beautiful clarity when rolled off and a full fat southern punch when driven!! These would be my signature set!!

  7. John odonovan (verified owner)

    Bought these pickups for a project telecaster I built and also converted to hh configuration. The finished product was astounding playing clean produces some really bright warm tones but these pickups really sing when you crank up the gain. I would definitely recommend these pickups to anyone wanting to improve the sound and tone of their guitar.

  8. Andrea Ongaro

    I bought this Humbucker for the telecaster I built at home. Extraordinary value for money! It has a dynamic and a crazy definition, it is a scream! I’m really happy I chose Tone Rider once again, I’m really happy!

  9. Danny B

    Great sounding pickups! One of the things i liked about these pickups was their versatility. For instance when you set your amp up with some gain, and then roll back the volumeknob on the guitar a bit. About 6-8. Then you get a great clean sound with just a bit of dirt in it. By hitting the strings harder you get a nice crunchy sound. An then when you crank up your volume knob you get a really nice distortion. I’m definitely going to try some of the other pickups as well!

  10. Jamie (verified owner)

    Tonerider’s blurb implies their Birmingham pickups are suitable for SG-type guitars, the choice of Angus Young and Tony Iommi. Though the pickups in my Epiphone SG sounded fine, I took a gamble that swapping them out for a pair of the Toneriders would be worth the £90 investment. The clean tone is now far more detailed, while activating an Ibanez mini-Tube Screamer at a low overdrive setting, and set to push the front of the amp a little, results in the classic SG ‘weaponised musical instrument’ rock guitar sound guaranteed to frighten the neighbours. I now have Tonerider P90 (Vintage 90, Hot 90 and Rebel 90), humbucking (Alnico IV and now Birmingham) and Telecaster (Classic Tele) pickups in half a dozen guitars and my take on the brand is this: their pickups have upgraded the tonality of all my mid-price guitars so much that one can’t afford NOT to install them.

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