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Hot Classics

Our most popular pickup set of all time, this telecaster set features a higher wind on Alnico III magnets, scatterwound for maximum tone!  We are now winding with our new Plain Enamel wire for even more vintage tone.

Please note all Hot Classics are now made with flat magnet polepieces (no stagger) on the bridge pickup for a early 50s correct look.

Neck 7.5k / Bridge 9.0k, Alnico 3

(7 customer reviews)

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A higher wind on Alnico III magnets makes our Hot Classics a must for the rock and blues player who wants more edge from their Telecasters. Hot Classics have a stronger midrange, thicker bass response and a raunchy upper register. The Alnico III magnets offer great note separation, even for chord work using boost and overdrive pedals. The neck pickup features a Nickel-silver cover for incredible tonal transparency (no more muddy sounds) whilst the bridge pickup mimics some of the best hot Broadcaster pickups of yesteryear. These have been our best-selling pickup sets over the last few years, and now power thousands of Telecasters around the world. A grounded full size copper plated baseplate and black string wrap adds to the tone and completes the look and feel.

Installing this set with a four way switch? We are happy to install a separate ground wire for the neck – just check the box above the “Add to Cart” button above.   This will give you three wires – a coil start (yellow), a coil finish (black) and a ground wire (black wire from cover tab).


Telecaster Neck (Metric)
Telecaster Bridge (Metric)

Telecaster Neck (Imperial)
Telecaster Bridge (Imperial)


2 Single Coils / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Blade

Hot Classics NeckHot Classics Bridge
MagnetAlnico 3 RodAlnico 3 Rod
StaggerFlatTR Vintage Modified
Hookup WireVintage BraidVintage Braid
PolarityNorth Pole UpSouth Pole Up


7 reviews for Hot Classics

  1. Nick

    The neck pickup in particular has brought my Tele back to life. Louder, more responsive. Very pleased.

  2. Terry Johinke

    Got introduced to thee by Kelvin Ho n Sigapore years ago . I’m an Aussie musician.He made no doubt that the A111 pickups were good. So I bought a set and they shat all ver the Fenders in my 2004 Hwy. 1. Tuned to G and you are hearing Keith Richatds- guranteed. Better than my Seymour Duncans in another Telecaster.

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    These gave my second hand Squier classic vibe tele a new lease of life for under £75! I had never been happy with the sound of the guitar, but was intimidated by the idea of soldering and possibly messing my guitar up. The instructions for soldering were very easy to follow and – providing you take your time – there’s no reason it cannot be done by beginners.

    The pickups sound excellent compared to any stock ones I have heard, and easily put my guitar on par with the mim Fender models which cost much more. Amazing value for money, and I’ll definitely be looking at Tonerider again if I need more pickups!

  4. Len

    Fitted the Hot Classic set in my 2019 MIM Fender Player Telecaster with maple fingerboard. The neck pickup is outstanding when played clean and also performs nice with overdrive, distortion or fuzz. Very clear and smooth rounded tone with a tight base response. Not at all muddy. The neck pickup is the star of the show here. The bridge is bright and brash with a tight base that drives a valve amp front end quite hard when required. The Alnico 3 bridge is very 50s like tone wise and will not disapoint if that’s what your are into. My other Tele has the Alnico 2 Blues set installed. They are a little warmer with a more prominent, but very tight base and are my favourite Tonerider Tele set but the Hot classic tele gets the the most playtime. Go figure. It is hard to go wrong with Tonerider pickups. I used to be a Seymour Duncan guy but these days I have come to realise that the tonerider pickups are tonaly better and cheaper. These pickups are great pickups and stack up to boutique pickups that cost many times more. These are not just good at the price point. It’s a no brainer.

  5. AJ

    Really clean and clear sound from the neck. I put these in an inexpensive squier and along with wiring they transformed the guitar into a blues machine.

  6. marijan.fofonjka

    – Great blues/rock sounds with 250K pots and 0.047 cap
    – Output is more vintage like due to the Alnico 3 magnets so pickups should be put closer to the strings than usual Alnico 5 magnets to get the same output
    – Bridge sound is more rounded and fat but it has plenty of treble and is not shrill at all, it sounds really great on overdrive/distortion
    – Neck pickup has beautiful airy sound more even across the strings but it is of lower output, so it should be put closer to the strings than usual neck pickups to match output of bridge

    – Amazing build quality
    – Vintage cloth wire, nicely waxed (no noise) and bridge pickup is wrapped in cloth wire (not some cheap tape)
    – Alnico 3 magnets like Fender used to do it in the 50s
    – Correct screws and spacers
    – Overwound bridge pickup for Keith sound 🙂

    Tonerider support
    – I would recommend anyone Tonerider as a company because they have great customer relationship
    – Their response and help is the best in the industry always trying their best to have satisfied customer
    – Due to my own fault I had to replace existing set of pickups and they were super helpful and process was super fast (thank you Glenn)

  7. Colin M (verified owner)

    Excellent! I put a set of the hot classics in my Squier paranormal offset Tele. Pickups are well balanced with plenty of output. It’s easy to match loudness between the pick ups. All 3 positions sound amazing. I set pickup height to about 1.5MM below the strings when fretted at the last fret. This seems to work perfectly and balances volume between pickups. Tone is classic Tele in every way. These pickups are very dynamic and improves string sustain greatly over the stock Squier pups. They sound great clean and with anything from slight over drive to full on distortion. String to string clarity and definition with gain is spectacular over other pickups. There is no mud or nasty frequencies like so many other so called quality pickups on the market. Tone Rider customer service is second to none. There was excellent and immediate communication right from the time I placed the order. I’m totally satisfied with these hot classics and won’t hesitate to buy more Tone Rider pickups for my other guitars moving forward. Even with currency exchange and shipping, these were much cheaper for me to buy in Canada than any of the other major pickup makers. These pickups totally live up to what people say about them.

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