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Pure Vintage

The Pure Vintage set from Tonerider is the perfect upgrade for any player looking for that warm, vintage Stratocaster sound. Inspired by a collection of vintage pickups from the 1950s, the Pure Vintage set accurately reproduces the magical magnet and coil structure of these classic pickups.

Neck 5.9k / Mid 6.1k / Bridge 6.45k

(17 customer reviews)

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In production since 2005, the Pure Vintage set from Tonerider is the perfect upgrade for any player looking for that warm, vintage Stratocaster sound. Inspired by a collection of vintage pickups from the 1950s, the Pure Vintage set accurately reproduces the magical magnet and coil structure of these classic pickups. A 999-step CNC programmable coil-winding machine and custom wire tensioning system are used to create looser, more random coil structures. Even the magnets are custom made, hand-bevelled and then charged and de-charged in a special sequence. If you aren’t a fan of harsh Strat sounds, this set is for you.

Due to advances in string technology and the wider range of modern guitar necks, this set, like all our single coils sets, uses a unique “Modified Vintage Stagger” polepiece magnet array allowing for near perfect string-to-string balance on the greatest range of instruments possible. Get them in any Strat and hear the the magic!

Options & Spacing

Covers: All singles and sets come with white covers as standard. Any Fender compatible cover can be used (52.4mm, or 2 1/16in).

Polepiece Spacing: All position are 52.4mm, or 2 1/16in, just like the originals.


Stratocaster (Metric)

Stratocaster (Imperial)


3 Single Coils / 1 Vol / 2 Tone / 5-Way Blade

3 Single Coils / 1 Vol / 2 Tone / 5-Way Blade (Bridge Tone Mod)

Pur Vintage NeckPure Vintage MiddlePure Vintage Bridge
MagnetAlnico 5 RodAlnico 5 RodAlnico 5 (E-A-D), Alnico 3 (G-B-e)
StaggerTR Vintage ModifiedTR Vintage ModifiedTR Vintage Modified
Hookup WireVintage BraidVintage BraidVintage Braid
Winding DirectionClockwiseCounter-ClockwiseClockwise
PolarityNorth Pole UpSouth Pole UpNorth Pole Up


17 reviews for Pure Vintage

  1. Chris Bell

    I wonder if people might look at the price of these pick ups and then don’t buy them as they think they’re some kind of budget range and won’t be as good as more expensive versions? Think again, they are fantastic value and sound as classy as pick ups costing two or three times the price. I’ve got them in a Strat and a Tele and could not be more happy with the quality of the sound of both guitars. Look at the star listings at the top of the reviews column – 12 out of 12 reviewers give 5 stars – says it all! I’ve had dealings with the company in sorting out a technical problem (a misunderstanding by me, not a fault with the products), and they could not have been more helpful and prompt in sorting it out. I don’t normally take the time to write reviews, but the service, quality and value from this company are outstanding.

  2. Sooty3210

    Just purchased a Squier Hank Marvin Japanese Strat which had ceramic pickups on it as standard. After having researched what other buyers had done in the same situation, Toneriders kept appearing as a recommended upgrade. Well I thought everybody can’t be wrong so I bought a set and I can now confirm they weren’t wrong, so I now join the list of recommending pickups that are a steal for the price.

  3. Dan

    In a nutshell, these pickups were the best upgrade I have made to my MIM Strat (which already had more expensive Seymour Duncan pups installed). however, I wasn’t really that happy with their sound, bit flat, muddy and didn’t seem to work well with the custom wiring and pots I’d installed, there was no character to the pups. I Was a little skeptical of the Tonerider’s at first, but after seeing the positive reviews and watching some youtube demos, I decided to sell the SDs and give these a go and I am so glad I did! Simply put they’re awesome and have really given my strat a voice of it’s own and lot more character. They’re mellow, full toned, balanced and really sound quite vintage. A much better sound than the SDs in my opinion.
    The build quality is superb, and they feel much more expensive than they are. I really like the push back cloth, it feels substantial and durable (unlike the SDs with bog standard plastic wire) and coupled with shielding tape really cuts down the interference noise, and also does away with wire stripping! I really can’t praise these pickups enough. If you’re thinking of upgrading, definitely give these a look. They’re amazing quality and real value for money.

  4. M Y P

    As a learner player newbie to electric guitar, , and having tried other cheaper ones, these Pups have it all for my humble needs , various rich highs and lows, and then plenty loudness, I’m all giggles, now I’ll learn to play the thing, it’s a Fender strat Esquire, amp Fender Mustang 1 ver2. and greese bucket on neck tone pot, and 0.022micro farad (Orange drop) on the bridge tone pot. New strings from D’Addario, XL110-3D. That’s it. Awesome!

  5. Partial Refund

    I was considering some Seymour Duncan SSl-1’s or some Fender Custom shop 69s to upgrade my Mexican strat, both of which were 3x the cost. After looking at some reviews i decided to try these before spending big bucks. They may not be exactly the SD’s or the Fender pickups but i think you would be hard pushed to notice or justify the cost difference. They made a big improvement to my Mexican 90s strat which had ceramic pickups in. The top end (in fact all) is much cleaner or clearer sounding and where low notes used to sound muddy there is much much more clarity. In every pickup position there is a positive improvement. 5* taking into account the price difference. Sure you could get better, but these are worth considering as great bang for buck.

  6. Jason Cadell

    I have owned the TR PV for 10 years now, they have mellowed fantastically and could not ask for a better, cleaner, crisper sound on ALL settings. I would most certainly recommend for all STRAT’s. However the bridge pickup magnets do not line up on the Bottom E string? Unsure why but still great sound.

  7. Andrew Moran

    I have a 2017 classic series 50’s Mexican Strat although a great guitar the pick ups were a bit too bright to my ears especially the bridge. I still wanted to retain the Vintage low output sound but to tame the highs and have noise cancelling in positions 2 and 4. I am now happy after installing my Tonerider Pure Vintage set they cured all the problems I had with the otherwise good stock pick ups but without the hefty price increase that usually comes with upgrading pick ups. The Alnico 3 magnets seem to be the big improvement I was looking for as well as the quality of the build of Toneriders, they are as good as any I have seen before that would cost you double the price.

  8. Christian Impellizzeri

    I bought these pickups for a guitar I was building Stratocaster style, great sounding, dynamic and crystal clear, everything you would expect from vintage style pickups at an affordable price. But what has left me surprised is the impeccable assistance that is truly exceptional. I bought it from Italy and arrived in less than its weeks.

  9. Brad Wilson

    30 year player. Tonerider’s are my go to pickup. I started with the Stratocaster Pure vintage and was so impressed that nearly all of my guitars have Tonerider pickups. These are the real deal. The highest quality build. I am just so impressed with the sonic goodness I can achieve with these. Every amp brings out a different aspect I hadn’t heard before. There is no way at any price I would go back to the botique or SD pups. These are pro level and I just can’t say enough good about them. I have approx 8 sets of these in various guitars. Whenever I get a new axe I am on the hunt for some new Toneriders. Every time. Just get some, they rule. MY favorite set is the Pure vintage Strat set. Truly sublime thru an AC-30. It’ll blow your mind the tones these things are capable of.

  10. Wolfgang Kocks (verified owner)

    I recently bought this set to upgrade a Harley Benton and I’m absolutely satisfied about this high quality concerning the price! As a clean tone player, also rock and blues player, these pickups gives a true strat sound. My absolute favorite is the middle pickup. I love it. Always underrated this pickup allows tons of new sound possibilities and that’s amazing to me! At last I highly recommend the whole set to have pure strat joy at a very fair price.

  11. Stu RT (verified owner)

    Love em! Put a set in a custom strat project with a 9-way wiring harness. Endless possibilities. Everything from normal, classic strat brightness and twang to heavy crunch to (my fave) smooth and creamy bluesy jazz. Cannot go wrong!!!

  12. Baz (verified owner)

    I bought these Tonerider Vintage p/ups just to try them out on my Strat after finding they
    were very reasonably priced compared to the other brands , I removed my Fender Noiseless , I use a VOX AC15 TB 1964 with a 12 in Alnico Speaker, I was surprised what
    real “Twang” tone I got. No regret absolutely in purchasing the ToneRider. 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  13. Nick (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome pickups. I just installed these in my MIM strat and what a difference! These things absolutely sing – and I mean sing, their vocal quality is a thing of beauty. Fairly fast postage to Australia, about a week, and parcel tracking the entire way. Very very happy.

  14. Nightingale Guitars (verified owner)

    I was looking to upgrade my MIM Strat pickups to get a bit more clarity and bite. I’m so pleased with the result. At last the middle pickup really sings, I now use this more than the others. The guitar now has more presence somehow. The neck pickup is sweet and smooth and the bridge one brings out the high frequencies as it should. I’ve got an American Standard Strat on loan with Fender noiseless pickups and the Toneriders are clearly superior. The quality as you get them out the box is evident as well; a proper fibre baseplate, wax potted, fabric wires. I’ve used other Toneriders on other guitars as well, I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve fitted them to our clients’ guitars; always good feedback.

  15. Marty Doyle

    Here’s a left-fielder for you:
    I scored a pre-wired mint-green pickguard assembly that was loaded with Tonerider Pure Vintage pickups to put on my Fernades ’64 Strat copy (circa 1985 make). That guitar always did have pickups that were just “meh..”
    Through my Mesa Boogie Studio 22- they ring like bells! Very smooth and Strat-like and nicely crunchy with the volume dimed. I’m looking for an excuse to buy a set of P-90s now.

  16. DS

    Got this set in a Squire Stratocaster MIJ and immediately
    got that gorgeous Stratsound……try Jim Messina “Stay the Night” -81
    & you r safe.

  17. Chris (verified owner)

    These are the best sounding single coils I have ever heard.. I put the neck and middle in the corresponding positions of a hamer 1990 Centaura, and I’m absolutely Blown Away.. possibly the best pickups I have heard ever in any guitar.. makes the Duncan garbage that was in there sound like two tin cans with a wet string

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