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Our perfect “hybrid-vintage” set – overwound on Alnico II magnets.

Neck 7.9k / Bridge 11.8k, Alnico 2

(22 customer reviews)

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Used by some of the world’s leading custom guitar makers, our Rocksong set is the perfect “hybrid-vintage” set.

This set retains 100% of the boutique hand-wound tone that players demand.

The neck pickup is smooth and sustainful – perfect everything from jazz to distortion saturated rock. The bridge pickup is based on a super-charged PAF, offering power and dynamics with a clear top end.

The all-round vintage-improved package – great sustain, smooth, powerful, with the brightness and tonal complexity of boutique handwound pickups.


Colours & Covers: Available in black or zebra open coils, or with highly-polished gold or silver nickel covers.

Wiring: All TRH1 Rocksong humbuckers come with four conductor wiring as standard for maximum flexibility.

Spacing: Neck and bridge pickups in all colors and covers are available in 50mm spacing as standard.  We also now make F-spaced Rocksong pickups in the following colours: Black, Zebra, Nickel and White.

Baseplate: All pickups in this series have medium-length 9mm baseplate legs for easy installation in a wide variety of instruments. Baseplates are all Nickel-Silver with the Tonerider logo stamp.


Regular-Spaced Covered Humbucker (Metric)
Regular-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Metric)
F-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Metric)

Regular-Spaced Covered Humbucker (Imperial)
Regular-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Imperial)
F-Spaced Uncovered Humbucker (Imperial)


2 Humbuckers / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle

2 Humbuckers / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle / Push-Pull Coil Split (Vol)

2 Humbuckers / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle / Push-Pull Coil Split (Tone)

2 Humbuckers / 2 Vol / 2 Tone / 3-Way Toggle

2 Humbuckers / 2 Vol / 2 Tone / 3-Way Toggle / Push-Pull Coil Split

Rocksong NeckRocksong Bridge
MagnetAlnico 2 BarAlnico 2 Bar
Hookup Wire4-Conductor4-Conductor
BaseplateNickel SilverNickel Silver
Year Introduced20072007

22 reviews for Rocksong

  1. LittleWyan

    I installed these into an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and they transformed the guitar completely. The stock neck was so boomy that you could barely solo using it let alone play chords, now you can do anything as the neck pickup just adds that extra bass as it should. The bridge is great, has such clarity and sustain compared to the original. The individual poles needed slight adjustment on mine but thats just personal preference, they were pretty good already I just felt for my sound they needed a bit of adjustment. I think anyone could buy these pickups and be happy with them as they come. The box they come in is quite posh I have to say, especially for the price, its like buying a set of £120 pickups let alone £55. I also feel the pickups are very versatile, so they sound great with a bit of overdrive, but also clean up nicely if you roll backup the guitar volume or switch your amp to the clean channel.

    Bottom line is they are great value for money and I’d recommend them to anyone.

  2. dabs

    put in a vintage v100 LP– oh yes .. what a difference. warm .. crunchy- clean what ever you decide there deliver.. great for blues. and rock.. definately recommend .. great value
    dont wait just do it.
    I researched for a while and these where my choice..I have other guitars way more expensive,, these pickups are as good if not better then some in my collection that I have.

    straight swap and easy to fit.. you need to solder thou if your not sure get them fitted by someone who understands the wiring.
    info is provided on how.. so an easy job. and a great upgrade.

  3. Michael Turner

    these humbuckers are excellent , i have used them many times on lots of builds and they offer great sound at a bargain price…only others that are as good are Iron gear “blues engine” but i prefer these for rock guitars.

  4. Sir Picklehorn

    Fantastic, affordable pickups. I’ve used these in two of my guitar builds so far and I’m pretty happy with them.

  5. Bob

    Made my Epiphone sing. End of

  6. Not A Number

    I installed these humbuckers on a 50 year old ‘law suit’ Les Paul copy I restored for my partner due to the guitar’s sentimental value, and what an amazing choice!

    A bargain price for pickups with all the full-bodied growl recreating the sound of 60/70’s classic rock. Peter Green, Free, T-Rex nailed! Also good for replicating the Slash/GnR sounds.

    Solid construction, clear wiring instructions with options for coil tapping, and a set of mounting screws and springs.

    I really do think Tonerider’s prices, tones and quality raise questions about why the big name brands charge 3 or 4 times more.

    I’m planning a Telecaster project next and Tonerider will be top of my list when choosing pickups.

    PS My partner is very happy and impressed with the tone too, I’m pleased to report!

  7. Tandsen

    Great value. As good as PUPs twice the price

  8. Waldemar Feser (verified owner)

    Für diesen Preis, hervorragende humbucker.
    Habe in einer PRS SE Custom 24 die Stock 85/15 S durch diese ersetzt.
    Der Bridge humbucker hat wesentlich mehr Obertöne und Punch. Bleibt auch verzerrt klar und definiert. Dieser ist wirklich Oberklasse.
    Der Hals humbucker ist sanft und warm. Habe hier die Polpiece 1/2 Umdrehung rausgedreht.
    Bringt der 24 Bündigen Gitarre mehr Richtung Paula
    Die Rocksong reagieren auch sehr fein auf das Volumen Poti. Dadurch lässt sich der Zerrgrad gut regeln.
    Definitiv besser als die Stock 85/15 S von PRS SE.
    Meiner bescheidenen Meinung auch verzerrt definierter und klarer als die Classic Al 2.
    Habe diese in einer anderen PRS SE.
    Ich spiele hauptsächlich Blues Rock und Heavy- Rock mit dieser Gitarre.
    Von mir eine Kaufempfehlung 😉

  9. Ronald Pichlyk (verified owner)

    Unbelievable sounding pickups! I ordered a set of these in zebra for my B.C Rich Mockingbird. The Bird was originally equipped with Rockfield ceramic magnet humbuckers. They didn’t sound too bad, but I wasn’t happy with the lack of warmth. I discovered the Tonerider Rocksongs online purely by accident. I couldn’t believe the price for pickups that had similar specs. to a high priced Seymour Duncan model I was considering. I ordered The Rocksong set, and received them promptly to my residence in Canada thanks to Royal Mail and their awesome service. The packaging and pickup build quality was top notch. I installed these Rocksong pickups in the Mockingbird, and couldn’t believe my ears…The guitar now had a full range of tone that it never had before, the “warmth” that it had lacked, and incredible sustain! In my opinion, they sound as good as any Seymour Duncan. I will definitely be ordering another set.

  10. rblievanos (verified owner)

    Bought this set for a Cort Les Paul copy. While the stock pickups were fine, this set adds a little more gain in the bridge position, while it still has a very neutral sound due to the Alnico II magnet. Naturally the bridge position is brighter, so it still has that mid and upper mid frequencies boost. The Neck is a little darker than i’d like, but i rarely use it anyways, The Middle position sounds very balanced and is awesome for rythm work.

  11. Sasha R. (verified owner)

    The Rocksong set zebra fit really nicely in my mahogany body/ cherry neck hand made guitar. This guitar has Brazilian rosewood fretboard and whole guitar unplugged is pretty bright sounding so the Rocksong was ideal fit for it. The pickups that were inside are Seymour Dubncan JB bridge and JAZZ neck, so this hot rodded Duncak set is one bright set to begin with. That was the reason why I wanted something more warmer in it. To my surprise neck pickup has more overtones than Duncan SH-2 when overdriven. Clean sound of neck Rocksong is like that old vintage sound, loud and warm , NO mushy bass notes, while treble strings are very clear and just bright enough. It responds well to fine tune height adjustment. Perfect for brighter guitars. The Rocksong bridge pup is bit darker than JB and just fits better here, all overtones are just there and could not ask for hotter pickup in the bridge, I did not want more power in the bridge either. Toggle in the mid position and you get that sweet clean or sweet overdriven sound. I have push pull vol. pot and both split humbuckers in the mid position ( slug coils) is hard to beat, you get that very useful quack strat tone. Amazing !
    You can not go wrong with this set, price is unbelievable as well..

  12. Barry

    I bought the Rock Song set a couple years ago, a few guitars came and went but I never got around to installing them, I recently acquired a Washburn WI64dl, couldn’t quite get in the groove with the ceramic humbuckers, not the way I wanted to, I slapped the Rock Song set in, they’re in for the long haul, I get the bluesy rock sound I love so much, I don’t what took me so long to try them out, guess I was waiting for the right guitar.

  13. Sasha Radicic (verified owner)

    First of all that I can say is , other than fantastic sounding pickups that they produce, is that the man from Tonerider customer service, Glenn Harvey is somebody you do not meet every day! Truly rare and wonderful personality , taking this superb care of his customers is something I have NEVER met before, beyond 5 star! So I want to say again many thanks to Glenn for all your support.
    The Rocksong set that I ordered is fantastic! Bridge pickup is wound hot with non harsh treble frequencies, sweet and powerful with overtones just where you need them. Clean sound is really nice and responds real well to volume roll off. The neck pup is based on old school PAF sound but with bit more oomph and attitude, all actually very clean and clear which does the same job when driven thru overdrive or distortion. That means that when making it ,they are well aware of the problem, many , many great name neck pickups have muddy and not well defined notes. Rocksong neck pup is opposite from that, warm but very clear. Also what amazed me is that, overdriven neck pickup has overtones in pretty much same spots just like bridge pickups! Overall this set is just well calibrated. It would sit nice in any guitar, i am guessing this would be just a set for brighter sounding guitars. Coil split is very nice on both pups.
    Another one I want to try is Birmingham set, other people say Birmingham set has no much volume drop off at all when switched to single coil . That is pretty amazing right there…
    Thank you Tonerider!

  14. Jackson (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite bridge humbucker that I’ve tried to date!

    It’s versatile, hot but not out of control, articulate and tight without sounding antiseptic, cleans up really nicely using the volume knob and sounds really good when split. Basically, I couldn’t ask for more.

    Pickup aside, the customer service from Tonerider was outstanding. I accidentally ordered one of these with the wrong string spacing and as soon as I let Glenn know, he had the right one heading my way! The return was easy and communication was great. I’ll definitely shop with Tonerider again.

  15. Brett (verified owner)

    Got the Rocksong zebra set and put in my PRS se 22 custom after many pickup from SD and finally this thing is alive again, great harmonics and clear with just the right amount of bass. Best value pickups on the market.

  16. Daniel (verified owner)

    I bought this for the bridge position in a Strat to compliment the City Limits in the neck and middle positions. All I can say is that this pickup has some serious growl. It’s bright while being full bodied but not overly so. It is very well balanced. Sounds great in all scenarios – clean, breakup, drive and distorted. It holds up well when going into a high gain amp – the pick attack and string separation is retained. It is one of the nicest sounding humbuckers I have come across. It absolutely sounds a class above the big name brands. Tonerider have an essential thing going here – excellent products that are affordable for the average musician. Don’t ever change!

  17. Kagan (verified owner)

    I bought a set of Rocksongs for a Harley Benton project guitar which I decided to mod completely. But because the guitar required some detailed fretwork I decided to install the new pickups on a strat replica. Before, that strat had been put in a corner gathering dust; because the Artec Giovannis on it sounded weak with harsh trebles so ı never enjoyed playing it. I installed the Rocksongs with an HSH wiring. I switched connections on the 5 way switch so I can blend bridge and neck in the 2nd position..Then both pickups are partially coil-splitted. Also, I gave them both treble bleed circuits a la Kinman. And it worthed all the effort, that guitar has come to a second life. Become one of my favourites, The partial split worked surprisingly well on both pickups especially bridge which gives a nice, scooped tone, so you can switch between two voices that can be used for rhythm or lead alternatively. “Hybrid-vintage” is an appropriate definition for this set, it has both clarity and warmth to give player a broad palette of sounds can be used in any genre. In the end I am quite happy with this purchase, I can easily say with that price it is a real bargain. I am planning to order a set of Birminghams for my Harley Benton SG replica which is now left without pickups 😉

  18. Dan

    Installed Rocksong neck & Generator bridge in my Ibanez RG ( MIJ )
    with an incredible result, very good in “overthetoplead” !
    Works well within all settings.

  19. Steve B

    Finally, after many years of trying just about every SD humbucker model ever released on different Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls and SG models, I have finally found the sound I have been after for the past 35 years. The Rocksong set I just installed on a new Artist AP59 HB is pure perfection. As a result I’m now selling off most of my other guitars and am going to buy many more Tonerider pickups to go into many more Artist guitars… the quality of both products and the customer service from both companies (including RealTone Music in Australia) has completely blown me away and I thank you all

  20. Reece

    I had this pickup installed on a single pickup left handed Explorer by Gaskell Guitars and it turned the guitar, which already played and sounded excellent, into a Heavy Metal monster. It does not do “clean” well but that’s not what it’s for. Lead tones are blistering and with a touch of chorus and delay the rhythm sounds are just incredible, (think Jake E. Lee-era Ozzy.) You do not even need much OD as the pickup is already mega-hot. Click on your Tube Screamer with only mild settings and your guitar will sustain FOREVER!

  21. Oscar (verified owner)

    Great sound and great tone!
    I bought these pickups because I didn’t like Seymour Duncan’s abuse with the price and I had read very positive reviews of these pickups…..a great purchase! Clear and crisp sound, great rock tone. As a curiosity, I will say that I did a blind test with my wife and my daughter with 3 Epiphone Les Pauls with different pickups (SD Slash pro, SD hot rodded and these tonerider rocksong) and they both liked the sound of the tonerider better with the same configuration on guitar and amplifier.
    Cheers from Spain!

  22. Bryan C

    Rocksong in the neck of my Les Paul along with a Generator in the bridge, the thing sings beautifully and you can really get fantastic solo tones, i was torn between this and the Alnico 2 but the overwinding definitely enticed me and I havent looked back. Tonerider currently installed my 2 main guitars and will be put into the rest

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